We Shine a Light on Invisible Illness

Those suffering from chronic illness don’t look like they’re drowning.  And because they don’t look sick, they’re often dismissed and gaslit by their doctors.
Sick And Abandoned is a grassroots movement that brings help to those who need it the most.  We advocate for the chronically ill by connecting them with support groups and resources.

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Our Stories

We are what the medical establishment doesn’t want you to know about.  We are the inconvenient truth born out of regulators putting profits ahead of patients.

We have turned to online support groups because doctors deny that we need treatment, don’t want to treat us, or never learned how to treat us.

Taking action

Our Initiatives

  • Building out support groups with a welcoming environment and free speech.
  • Finding lost people who don’t know that other chronic illness warriors like them exist.
  • Patient-led research to push closer towards a real solution for chronic illness