Gadolinium Toxicity Resources

Gadolinium exposure happens when gadolinium-based contrast dye is used during MRIs (Magnetic Resonance Imaging scans).  Some people experience long-term side effects following repeated exposure to gadolinium. 

Gadolinium Toxicity .com

This excellent resource hub has comprehensive information on long-lasting side effects following gadolnium exposure.

MRI Gadolinium Facebook Group

The purpose of this group is to discuss and debate real scientific facts and uncover the truth about the toxicity and side effects from Gadolinium Based MRI contrast agents.

This group maintains a Read Me First document for newbies.

More Resources

Regulatory Actions

  • FDA 2018 warning -The FDA’s stance is that gadolinium retention is a problem in patients with impaired kidney function.  However, contrary to patient reports, the FDA’s position is that gadolinium-based contrast agents have more benefit than risk in patients with normal kidney function.