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Want to help?  Join in and spread awareness on social media and other platforms.

Hashtag #SickAndAbandoned alongside any other relevant hashtags such as #RealNotRare, #CanWeTalkAboutIt, #VaxInjuredSpaces, etc.

Like, reply, share, and interact with social media posts so that the social media algorithms push those posts more.

Mention SickAndAbandoned.com and other resources so that those suffering from chronic illness can find the help that they’re looking for.

Advocacy Starter Pack

We’ve compiled a guide on how to get started in advocacy.  Find out about simple things that you can do to get started in advocacy work.

Support Groups

We strive for a better support group system for patients:
  • Free speech.  Skepticism about a treatment should not be silenced so that somebody can collect a kickback or multi-level marketing commission.  Heavily politicized treatments such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine should not be censored for non-medical reasons.  Patients deserve healthy, civil discourse on both the pros and cons of all treatments.  People should be allowed to make arguments for or against a drug like ivermectin.
  • Resilience.  We aim to avoid concentration of ownership.  This lowers the risk of patients being held hostage by the whims of 1 or 2 forum/group owners.
  • Resilience against Big Tech censorship.  Certain conditions such as vaccine injury are often heavily censored, creating the risk that support groups will be deplatformed.  To soften the landing in case this happens, we are running a self-hosted forum at forum.sickandabandoned.com that can’t be deplatformed by Big Tech.
  • Accessibility.  We also recognize that ‘computer allergies’ are a barrier for many people.  As such, we will be pragmatic and promote Facebook support groups as the Facebook platform tends to be the easiest to use.
  • Research recruitment.  We strive to build bridges between patient communities and researchers, making it easier for researchers to recruit.  We strive to help researchers gain insight into what matters to chronic illness patients.


We help bring together advocates so that they can cross-promote awareness campaigns, united towards a common goal.
If you are an active advocate and would like to join our Signal chat, please join via this group link.

Patient-Led Research

We promote and encourage patients to push research forward.  Please see our research page for examples of completed research.
If you need to recruit for your survey or would like to help others recruit, please contact us or join our collaboration chat (see above).

Host your own Twitter Space (#VaxInjuredSpaces)

Twitter Spaces and Clubhouse are places where you can have audio chats online.  You can use them to host support meeting with other injured, talk about specific topics like advocacy, or to host discussions between doctors and patients.
If you’d like to try hosting your own, follow @C19VaxInjured on Twitter.  Martha hosts the occasional Twitter space on advocacy and will help you learn how to start your own Twitter Space.  Also follow Karen Stewart @kwstewart94.