Patient-Led Research

While chronic illness patients may be abandoned by mainstream medicine, we are filling in the void to bring hope to those suffering.  Our current research has been published under our sister site Long Haul Wiki.

Patient Experiences Survey

This survey collected data on 235 treatments, 36 recovered patients, and over 525 participants.

Treatment Outcomes Survey

Data on 386 patients show that 27 patients recovered.  Find out what treatments they rated highly.

Review on Chronic Illnesses

This video explains the overlapping symptoms between COVID vaccine injury, Long COVID, and ME/CFS.

COVID Vaccine Injury Overview

This literature review covers available data on COVID-19 vaccine injury.

Risk Factors Survey

This survey explored risk factors for COVID vaccine injury and Long COVID.  Thyroid disorders, autoimmune disease, and foreign objects in the body seem to be risk factors for developing ‘Long Haul’ syndromes.  Long Haulers had a surprisingly high rate of new diagnoses for thyroid conditions and autoimmune disease.

Other Patient-Led Research


For more patient-led research, please see: